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6/6 6/6 and onto Terrace

Well our raid group has finally progressed past another boss, the Grand Empress Shek’zeer, nearly a month after the last time we had a progression kill or a full team.   Many Thanks to Dayani (on her Paladin) and Vorticose for being bored on a Wednesday night or else we wouldn’t have had a raid at all and Vorti again for last night to help with the kill.  I hope our recruitment ads get us a healer soon…  In any case the fight was surprisingly quick to down; I suppose having a full night of attempts after unexpectedly one-shotting Amber Shaper Un’Sok gave us plenty of time to look, strategize, and fine tune.  The second phase was interesting with our pally tank going splat very quickly the first few tries and our first look at the third phase was nearly non-existent with a dissonance field still up as we pushed past 30%.  Our second clean look at the final phase had a wonderful combination of everything working out juuuuust right; we lost one dps but still had our battle rez available.  I started to get that feeling of nervousness at about 15% because I knew I was really scraping the bottom of my mana pool and I can only imagine how my other two healers felt since I was generally ok (OP disc priest) for mana through the rest of the fight.  Then at the last 2% I felt that release of tension when I saw the 5 million health mark, everybody alive and nearly topped off and I knew we had ourselves a new kill.   Continue reading


Holiday Break = sleep and fun with more alts

The group’s going on hiatus for probably a couple weeks during the holiday season.  We’ve always scheduled for Thursday and Monday night each week and, as I learned last year, that leaves quite a few holidays where we take a night away from the expectation of logging in and smashing bugs, punching dragons in the face etc.

I’m actually welcoming this short break despite still wanting to play more everyday.  Playing on an oceanic server while living in California means that right now, during daylight savings time, I’m starting our raids at 1:30 am and finishing at 5 am.  This is generally not a problem for me since I typically work at night but it’s really not useful to be up until 6 am on average everyday when I’m not doing something purposeful with that time.  I tried doing some quests on my mage this afternoon which was briefly successful until I found myself falling asleep in my chair.  When I wake up in the mornings (or perhaps afternoons) I typically try to stay up and make the most of my day before having to go to work:  catch up on some webpages, eat some lunch (didn’t happen), and in game I try to take care of my profession dailies at a minimum, plus some Tillers planting if I have the time.  If I have lots of time I try to take care of one LFR run.  The paladin still needs to run Terrace of Endless Spring and try to get the healing and dps trinkets.  I’ve given up on running the priest through LFR (don’t need the gear except for the awesome trinket off sha) and the shaman is done for the week with HoF and ToES.  The Druid finally reached LFR ilvl two weeks ago and hasn’t actually entered yet.  I guess I’m trying to put too much on my plate AND still get things done during the holidays.

Today I logged onto the mage and decided that looked like more fun and it truly was great to learn how to play Frost just a bit better.  I actually pulled up the “Core Abilities” tab on the talents menu so I could look at Frostfire Bolt and try to figure out why I wasn’t using it in my rotation ever.  Well Brain Freeze only procs off of Frost Bomb.  THAT’s what I’ve been missing this whole time! My kill speed jumped up dramatically and I did top dps for most of my run through Temple of the Jade Serpent.  This was definitely refreshing and I only needed half of the xp to get to level 86 so a few quests and a dungeon were more than enough to ding.  However I was still starting to nod off in my chair after less than an hour at it so…guess some SLEEP would be more refreshing than taking up questing on another character.  OK OK I guess I don’t need my 4 set tier bonus on my paladin and shaman right away…