More cowbell

I profusely apologize for my lack of posts.  My downtime has been limited by a slightly more demanding work schedule.  It didn’t help that I forgot my laptop charger when I last stayed at my girlfriend’s place which also caused me to miss our second kill of Empress ;_;   In any case I appear to be back down to only 5 days/40 hours so now I get to try and balance this once again with my WoW time and catching up on all my tv shows that have started their new seasons – and I STILL need to watch the last Doctor Who episode before the new stuff begins!  Anyway none of this is wow-related so we shall return now to your irregularly scheduled update…

So after downing Empress with our pug healer, we finally stepped into Terrace of Endless Spring, this time with a full group.  Our new dps warrior had undergone his trial period and, despite being fairly undergeared, performed admirably well.  I’m glad he was there to take advantage of the many drops that came his way over the last two weeks and I decided to pitch in with a Darkmoon Trinket to boost.  Despite having the mechanics down for Garalon and Wind Lord Mel’jarak we were typically dying to enrage timers.  For Garalon that meant more heal-kiting (boo) and for Wind Lord just trying to squeeze some more out of our dps.  I was typically already spam smiting to begin so we just needed to replace our trusty DK and maybe get a little more gear onto our other DPS.  The other bright spot for Terrace was another priest healer on trial.  She turned out to be fairly knowledgeable and more than competent and with her joining us we made very very short work of the Terrace raid bosses.  We cleared “elite” mode Protectors in two pulls, Tsulong in two pulls (a bit tougher than I was expecting but my only comparison was LFR – adds matter in that fight) and a few tries on Lei Shi so that the rest of our group wasn’t being smashed by the Water Elemental adds.  That left us with a few pulls on Sha of Fear before having to end the first of our two nights.

From our first few pulls it seemed like we were having a little bit of trouble getting the pandas down on the platforms in time before the other half of the raid was spirited away to their platform.  We adjusted out strategy at the beginning of night two into not tanking the adds since they seemed to not have a threat table…I soon thought I was just a bad healer but their ‘Shoot’ ability did waaaay too much damage to not be tanked.  Problem solved and we were getting out each time with just a few seconds to spare to replace the other half of the raid.  On the main platform with the Sha, as a 10m group we had the tank in his glowing circle of tanking destiny while the 3 dps left would gang-r@pe the adds from behind their deflection shields.  As a discipline priest, I found it easiest to stand just behind the tank so I didn’t have to worry about running out of the Breath of Fear and could easily smite heal the dps through Atonement.  I suppose as another class I’ll have to actually move with the dps and run back into the Safe zone during the breath attack since they were usually out of range for my priest.  It wasn’t entirely easy since the tank was still getting hit by thrash (PW:S) and there was more than enough fire to dodge that I had to constantly cut casts short to avoid being hit.

Once we had the mechanics down it all came down to a long period of execution.  I don’t quite recall how long that kill took but there was definitely time for two Heroism casts for us.  It’s more a fight of endurance than anything else but as a discipline priest I found myself really just relying on atonement/power word shield for the main platform, and maybe some binding heals for the panda platforms.  Overall I had no issues with mana and would say the fight is somewhat underwhelming…Certainly not as fun as the Empress in my opinion.

After downing the Sha, some people getting a few new titles, and some of us who haven’t been running LFR regularly going off to get our Chimera Gems, we made quick work of the first 5 bosses in Heart of Fear before calling it a night.  Hopefully this means we’ll be tackling some heroic MSV soon!

On a side note…Since our new healer is a priest, I’m saddened to say that I’ll likely be switching my main in the raid team to the paladin…When I had offered at the beginning of MoP we already had a paladin healer and a paladin tank so three paladins were definitely not necessary..  I was more than happy to play the priest and, despite being somewhat weak at first it was great fun and I get no end of enjoyment of being a Pandaren, forcing people into Confession, and using some Leap of Faith for my own personal enjoyment.  Now that we’ve recruited another priest healer and our backup healer is also a priest, I didn’t want to possibly have three priests as our healing team for a night.  Two was working well although I’ll admit I was a little sad to switch to holy on some fights despite that being my preferred spec.  I’d gotten very comfortable as a disc priest.  In any case my paladin is somehow only a few ilvls behind my priest and should help to round out our healing team some more.  But no more flippable table, no more Leap of trolling Faith, and no more absolutely adorable female Pandaren dance during raid nights.  Let’s hope I’m as good as I said I was to my Raid Leader as a holy paladin!

Seeing my wall of text I’ll keep my AH activity feed short by saying – none.  I sold off the last of my belt buckles but have actually been spending more gold to craft/gem/enchant my paladin and get him some dailies so that he has more bonus roll tokens for raid night.  Plus still need to unlock the bracers to replace his ugly 458s.  A quick word of advice? Start stocking up on most Ghost Iron Bars if you can get them at a good price.  They’ve gone up in price to the point where I have to grimace and buy them anyway despite paying so much less just one month ago.  Plus everybody is going to be needing Trillium bars come 5.2.  More on this later.  Time to raid!


One thought on “More cowbell

  1. acbarberi

    Good job downing stuff. Looks like you still have plenty to do that interests you in WoW, so that’s good. It’s nice when you have a good guild.


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