6/6 6/6 and onto Terrace

Well our raid group has finally progressed past another boss, the Grand Empress Shek’zeer, nearly a month after the last time we had a progression kill or a full team.   Many Thanks to Dayani (on her Paladin) and Vorticose for being bored on a Wednesday night or else we wouldn’t have had a raid at all and Vorti again for last night to help with the kill.  I hope our recruitment ads get us a healer soon…  In any case the fight was surprisingly quick to down; I suppose having a full night of attempts after unexpectedly one-shotting Amber Shaper Un’Sok gave us plenty of time to look, strategize, and fine tune.  The second phase was interesting with our pally tank going splat very quickly the first few tries and our first look at the third phase was nearly non-existent with a dissonance field still up as we pushed past 30%.  Our second clean look at the final phase had a wonderful combination of everything working out juuuuust right; we lost one dps but still had our battle rez available.  I started to get that feeling of nervousness at about 15% because I knew I was really scraping the bottom of my mana pool and I can only imagine how my other two healers felt since I was generally ok (OP disc priest) for mana through the rest of the fight.  Then at the last 2% I felt that release of tension when I saw the 5 million health mark, everybody alive and nearly topped off and I knew we had ourselves a new kill.  

I’m looking forward to what I think will be a quick trip through Terrace and hopefully some heroic MSV if my raid leader is feeling up to it.  We have a tendency to not start the heroic modes until our raid team is nearly fully geared from normals but I welcome the challenge of having to play really well and not just learn new mechanics.  The first two weeks of MSV were fun to me because mana was such a huge issue and personally I’d like to have that again.  DPS get better gear to do better DPS, well Healers need more damage to do more heals.  Let’s see some Hard modes!

Meanwhile, outside of raids..

Another Darkmoon Faire has ended and I little bit more coin using up all my scrolls of wisdom rather than making anther BoA staff that I turn out not to use ever.  I ended up giving away two dps trinkets to two of our lesser geared raiders because I wanted to see us not come to the berserk timers still on bosses we’ve killed multiple times.  I’m at a respectable 300k+ as far as the non AH caring characters go but I’m realizing that I don’t know if my attention span will keep following this all the way to gold cap under the current market.  While I have a few regular items that still sell regularly and consistently I’m not sure what I can sell at a reasonable profit that isn’t overly limited in production.  While my tailor has a few stacks of Imperial Silk saved up and my Leatherworker nearly 20 spirits, the best I could do with them, if I wanted to do something that sold quickly, is sell the less profitable leg enchants.  I could wait for 5.2 and see if I can turn a profit there with the new crafted items from the upcoming raid instance.  My guild typically sells the patterns; maybe it’s time for me so be the one buying them.  I guess we’ll see how it plays out but for now I need to find some more markets to increase my daily income if I’m serious about trying to hit gold cap.


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