Making gold in MoP – Enchanting

So I must start this post with a bit of a disclaimer.  I don’t actually make gold with my enchanting.  The mats I’ve managed to accumulate since the start have all been used on my own characters or enchanting various upgrades mid-raid for my fellow guild members.  If these things are not likely to happen for you then some money can be made selling your scrolls on the Auction House.  Following the break we’ll go into what can potentially make you the most money and also why enchanting is not the gold maker it was in days past.

The biggest change for enchanters in MoP is the ability to both create or breakdown the various enchanting mats relevant to this expansion.  When building up you get..

5 Spirit Dust –> 1 Mysterious Essence

5 Mysterious Essence –> 1 Ethereal Shard

5 Ethereal Shard –> 1 Sha Crystal (on a daily cooldown)

These materials can also be broken down into the lesser ones but at a 1:3 ratio so if you’re trying to save room in your bags and only break the mats down when you need them you will be suffering a bit of a loss there.  What does this mean for enchanters though? Well first of all, prices for enchanting mats are very very low…In the cycle of the Jewelcrafting shuffle, the Enchanting stage used to be one of the biggest money makers in Cataclysm.  If you were anything like me, you couldn’t give Hypnotic Dust away fast enough, and it was hard to keep Greater Celestial Essences in your bags when you knew they could sell so quickly.  Heavenly shards were relatively scarce throughout most of the expansion because, really, nobody wanted to run those initial Heroic dungeons and by 4.3 the heroics were giving only Maelstrom Crystals.

The enchanting materials aren’t worthless but really aren’t going to sell quickly like before since the entire spectrum is pretty readily available.  Sha crystals are limited to the enchanter’s daily cooldown or from disenchanting some Epic gear.  Most of those crystals tend to be sitting in guild banks and being used up quickly for the weapon enchants and bracer enchants which need 10 and 3 sha crystals respectively (with the exception of the tanking enchant which uses up 50 mysterious essences and a few other items).  The other road block for enchanters trying to make some extra copper is that these high end enchanting recipes are sold by the Shado-pan and August Celestials upon reaching revered with their respective factions.  For your first time through those reputations that’s not a particularly quick task.  If you do grab these recipes and decide to make scrolls for the AH they should sell for a more than reasonable amount of gold.  If you aren’t willing to grind those reputations for your enchanter, selling sha crystals should net more money than just selling the 5 Ethereal shards needed to make them each day.

If you’re hoping to make money on the various gamut of enchants, you should test them out on your own server to see what sells well.  The Glorious Stats chest enchant should generally be in demand by most raiders.  The enchants for the other slots will vary, especially because they tend to be used for the leveling enchanting and might be dumped on the AH for far below cost.

If your enchanter is around simply to complement your other professions or to enchant your own gear for free (which is really what I’m doing…4 Jade Spirit enchants is nothing to sneeze at), you’ll still be mass disenchanting some greens and a few blues coming in from your jewelcrafter’s extra gems.  I apologize if this seems fairly uninformative but honestly, enchanters are not in a good position to make money this expansion simply because they had some quality of life improvements with the fusion/diffusion abilities that were added.  Please leave a comment if you there’s something important I neglected!


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