Press any key to continue. Where’s the any key?

Well, despite my goals for the week, I think I failed miserably on all accounts.  No days off since my last post and having in-laws in town can do that.   We’ll see if after I finish my weekly update I have time to do up the other posts I desired to have up for this week.  Considering my lack of WoW activity in the past week, that might actually be very possible!

Well since last we talked, we’ve had yet another holiday, New Year’s, that tends to have most people enjoying their real life companions and activities instead of trying to slay virtual dragons, celestial or corrupted.  I’ve made zero progress on my mage so instead she sits at the beginning of Townlong Steppes with max rested xp for a level 88 character…33 million or something? Well at least I won’t worry about being the long grind of level 89 with no rested xp.  With no raiding going on either (our last night’s raid got cancelled from lack of sign ups…one of our main dps has decided to quit the game just a few weeks after getting his Ashes of Al’ar on his…6th try I believe?  As he told our guild leader, he’s accomplished nearly everything he can that he wants to so he dumped most of his stuff into our guild bank and said he was going to cancel his subscription.  I’m sad to see him go but I can understand his burnout.  Despite having almost all the classes at max level at the end of Cataclysm, he really only ever played his Death Knight.  I’d be on one of my various alts trying to get some more gear, running LFR for the 4th time that week, and he would be on his death knight going after rare spawns for the Relic Hunter title.  Well if you don’t do pet battles, don’t care about the auction house (he had made plenty of gold from selling gear for transmog from his countless solo runs of old raids while making his various Legendaries) and don’t care about your other characters…he’d pretty much done everything else except for clearing the current raid with us.  So a very unique and interesting player has left the game and I hope he comes back but I think he’s spent enough time with WoW that this might be for good.  I don’t know if I’ll ever meet another player whose sole in game add-on used was DBM.

Naughtypants, I salute you.

Even without his departure we were still short one of our other main dps players and a healer.  The raid was cancelled along with our other night for the week since our raid leader has become part of a great opportunity for himself IRL.  We’re currently hoping to reorganize our raid onto Wednesday/Thursday (Australian time) nights and still keep our team together while trying to recruit more people.  Unfortunately, unless we’re willing to take the chance on a player with less experience than we’re looking for we might be left looking for a while on our server.  We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime I’ve finally gotten Exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent on my main so I can finally ride one of the three cloud serpent mounts I now have.  That leaves me with Klaxxi and Anglers to get my Pandaren Ambassador achievement and its Pandaren Kite reward.  Whoops, I almost forgot that I still need the Lorewalkers reputation but that doesn’t really count.  I’m currently 6k rep away from exalted with the Klaxxi and half way through Honored for the Anglers. That reputation might be the only reason I ever get max fishing on any one of my characters.

The shaman has become my second character to get a sha-touched weapon and enough sigils to go pick up her sha-gem to throw into it.  I wish I could get my paladin or shaman into a raid so I could put some of this shiny looking gear to use.  Getting that gem took a little time since I was nowhere near Honored with the Black Prince.  A few days of the Krasarang dailies took care of that pretty quickly.  As tired as I might be of doing dailies, the alts still need to farm Lesser Charms every week if they want to buy their bonus roll tokens; plus since they still have a few blue slots to round out, the new dailies offer higher ilvl gear anyway.  Maybe I didn’t really need to grind out the Klaxxi dailies for a third time to unlock some other valor gear…

AH activity has been relatively low for me.  The Mobile Armory app has been lovingly telling me that my account is banned, under review or some other such nonsense and since I haven’t had too much time to log in, that’s hampered most of my AH activity.  Living Steel Belt Buckles are still selling well and maintaining their high price.  Meta gems have dropped significantly, nearly in half for some of the cuts, but ghost iron ore has been appearing on my AH for much lower prices. I bought up whatever I could below 25g and most stacks below 30g as well.  Golden Lotus has dropped in price along with it which means Flasks and extra meta gems could be cheaper to make but I think their sell prices are dropping to the point that you’ll only see a profit in the long run with Alchemy Mastery procs.  PvP gear is still selling pretty well and I’ve been trying to stock pile some extra Ghost Iron Bars in preparation for 5.2 and the assumption that they will upgrade the pvp patterns for higher ilvl gear again.  I’m still weighing whether I can make more money with the 476 craftables while they’re somewhat relevant or spend more Spirits of Harmony on the Leatherworking pvp patterns.  I’ve continued stockpiling more mats across all my characters in preaparation for 5.2  I’m hoping this next tier of gear will have more gem slots across all the gear and the JC can be a little more productive in my money making team.

Lastly I decided to forego my BoA Inscription staff for my mage so I can make some darkmoon cards for the upcoming Darkmoon Faire in two more days.  So.  Much.  Milling.  I’ve fallen asleep at one point during the repeated clicking or during the time it takes to turn all that pigment into Ink.  The amount of money I make from this faire will be the real answer on whether or not I ever do that again but then I’ll have 250 or so stacks of Green Tea Leaf and nothing to do with them.

Okay I think that’s enough text for the wall.  Back to saving the world from aliens.


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