All work and no raid make Praka something something…

Still no raiding while we’re in the winter holidays.   Err, holidays.  It’s summer for all my fellow raiders at the moment.  I guess this is fine since it’s also busy season at work (hooray service industry…) and I’m usually far too tired to do much else let alone try and focus until 5 am.  Regardless, let’s see what I’ve been able to do since “sleep” as I claimed previously wasn’t really one of those activities.  

I’ve just been trying to get some more tier tokens from LFR for my paladin and shaman and start the druid in MSV finally.  The priest finally got Essence of Terror which means I’ll really stop running her through LFR for any reason besides valor; oh yeah and the last two Sigils of Wisdom I need.  My paladin has his sha touched gem, not to mention 4 sha-touched weapons to boot (all LFR of course), and the shaman has all her sigils but not enough reputation with Wrathion yet.  The priest is still behind by two sigils.  Some main I have.  Truthfully I’m neglecting the priest more than I should so I can try and get the 4pc sets still on my alts and hopefully land the dps trinkets while I’m at it.  Right now the paladin/shaman are even taking up time with dailies so I can try and get a few bonus charms and get some more rep to round out their gear or unlock something to buy.  I wish you could get rested reputation bonus for characters; actually it would probably make a little more sense if they had it so that each consecutive day you do a daily that gives faction reputation that it would increase each day and grant more.  The commendations that came with 5.1 are great and all but you’d think somebody might like you more if you’re paying specific attention to them day after day instead of whenever is convenient for you.  Outside of LFR and some dailies, the mage is 88 and starting Townlong Stepppes.  I’m currently too tired to try and grind out the last two levels this weekend around my work schedule so maybe I’ll have to purposefully neglect LFR just long enough to go do that.

AH Duties – I’ve actually cut back a little on the AH activity while people are gone for the holidays.  With not many people regularly raiding I’m not quite as willing to put consumables up on the AH. If they’re not selling quickly enough, I just have that much more opportunity to be undercut.  I’m leaving the pvp sets up for now since it seems like I’m not the only one taking advantage of the non raiding time to level up an alt or two.  The other activity besides LFR that’s keeping me from levelling/dailies? Milling about 500 stacks of Green Tea Leaf.  I decided that my mage really doesn’t need a 476 BoA staff when they reach level 90… I have an upgraded Inscribed Crane Staff on my druid that is usable my three of my characters (four when I finally get around to the monk) but it doesn’t really move much from the druid.  My other characters are doing pretty well for gear without it and are generally outgearing whatever raid bosses they’re up against.  So instead I’m going to see how I do with more darkmoon cards, this time made instead of bought/sold.  Since the end of the last Darkmoon Faire, I’ve made all my gold back and a little extra as well, kept 4 of the cards for my characters, and still have one more left to sell.  After 4 or 5 of my cards at what I think was a little below cost I decided not to risk investing the majority of my gold into what was clearly a declining market.  Making the cards myself though is still going to have a very high profit margin so I figure in the 8 days I have left before the next faire I’ll get a total of 42 cards made.  I just need to make allllll that ink… Well let’s hope this makes me a pretty penny.  I feel like things have slowed down a bit on the AH for me so I’m not really sure how to increase my revenue and try and make it to my next gold milestone.

When next we meet: Hopefully I have a new level 90 mage, I’ll have raided with my group again finally and I’m optimistic that we’ll have the right people to be able to clear straight up to Empress on our first night.  I would throw in that I’d like to have my 4 pc bonuses on my paladin and shaman but in this next week I only have one day off from work which I will likely be trying to spend with my old roommate from college for his birthday, New Year’s Eve happens, and my spouse’s brother is in town from Canada (as I type this) with his family,  Not a lot of time left for playing…especially now that I’ve downloaded XCOM: Enemy Unknown onto both my desktop and laptop! I loved that game as a kid and even after only two missions, I’m looking forward to going through this game again now that I’m much older and hopefully better at it.  Also, I hope to have at least two more posts by then.  My first healing post and another profession post.  We’ll see what I can cram in around 6 days of work.

So what were your obligations during the Holiday break?  Did you get to focus on anything you’ve been putting off for a while or just haven’t had time to do? What about what you HAVE been focusing on in game.  Any goals still not accomplished there?  My main, the Priestess, is probably a day’s worth of dailies away from being exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpent, and maybe a couple days from the Klaxxi.  After that it’s finishing off Honored/Revered with the Anglers, and then finding all those lore scrolls for the Lorewalkers before I can get my Pandaren Kite mount.  Sometimes I wish I could focus on just one character but I really do love playing all of them…  Share some of your holiday in-game activities while most of the player base has stayed away.


One thought on “All work and no raid make Praka something something…

  1. Spencer Nozell

    I’m in the same boat, I have not stepped foot into a normal 10man raid since the start of the expansion which is tough since I was a heroic raider in cata. Right now I have been focusing on the Golden Lotus dailies (for my mage’s tailoring) and the 5.1 Alliance dailies in Krasarang Wilds for my main source of gameplay.

    Btw, nice Simpson reference in the title


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